What is Blue Vibes?

Blue Vibes is a cloud-native development platform, which allows development teams to focus on the business logic.

Additionally, Blue Vibes is a documented set of cloud-native development best-practices and architecture decisions.

In the product sense, Blue Vibes as a whole is the product.
Internally, Blue Vibes consists of several deliverable modules, as can be seen in modules diagram.
Micro-applications are a collection of small, independent, and loosely coupled services. They are designed to deliver well recognized business value, like the ability to rapidly incorporate user feedback for continuous improvement. Blue Vibes platform speeds up the way how you build these new applications, optimize existing ones, and connect them all together. Its goal is to deliver apps users want at the pace a business needs.

Why use Blue Vibes?

Blue Vibes brings a set of patterns: architectural best practices, libraries, products and micro-applications that can be adjusted to specific needs.
This allows the development teams to focus on the essentials - the business logic.

Blue Vibes modules

Blue Vibes is a highly modular platform. The users can take only the pieces they would like to to use.

Blue Vibes Container (bv-container)

Lightweight GUI integration solution. Deals with front-end integration, meaning how a single Micro Application is integrated and displayed inside of the container.
More details can be found here.

Blue Vibes Mobile Container (bv-mobile-container)

Native mobile application (IOS or android) which wraps the functionality of BlueVibes container. The Blue Vibes micro-apps have in general responsive design. However, to allow a sophisticated user experience and advanced features on mobile devices, we provide this module. Security context (OpenIDConnect) is also provided for mobile use cases. Built with React Native.
More details can be found here.

Blue Vibes Test Suite (bv-test-suite)

A set of Java libraries which make the testing of Blue Vibes and custom written applications easy.
More details can be found here.

Blue Vibes Blueprints (bv-blueprints)

A set of utilities and scripts to allow creation of new micro-apps easier.
More details can be found here.

Blue Vibes Spring (bv-spring)

A set of Java libraries and utilities with security and testing in focus. Builds on top of Spring framework. Used when developing micro-applications to allow the developer to focus on what really matters, the domain. Internally used in bv-container itself.
More details can be found here.

Blue Vibes Cloud Storage Manager (bv-csm)

Module which deals with storage of documents or other files, primarily in the cloud. Mostly used as a library to create own customized standalone cloud storage micro-application. More details can be found here.

Micro-app concept

Micro-app is the smallest self-contained and deployable unit of BlueVibes.
Most of the time, a micro-app is packaged as docker image and run as docker container, which allows for all the advantages docker and cloud technologies give us.
In most cases a micro-app consists of a small back-end (logic, security, data access etc) and a front-end (GUI).
Front-end application can be exposed as a web-component and integrated inside of BV-Container or run standalone, this is shown as Component in the red in the diagram below.
More details about micro-app concept can be found here.

Blue Vibes vocabulary

We want to make sure everyone uses the same vocabulary when we talk about things in the context of BlueVibes.

Getting started with Blue Vibes

We have a demo of Blue Vibes Container with several micro-applications integrated into it on this link: Banking Demo Link.
If you would like to get login access for the demo, please write to us on banking@ametiq.com.